Romania’s donors platform

Client: Code4Romania Year: 2020 Project objective: In 2020, Code for Romania created The Donors Platform with the purpose of ensuring the transparency of data about the funding of the non-governmental sector in Romania. It was for the first time when key-donors made public the data regarding their funding of the NGO sector in a single […]

Diagnosis of the situation of people with disabilities in Romania

Client: World Bank Group Year: 2021 Project objective: This report was a study of the extent to which the rights of persons with disabilities are respected in Romania. The Romanian Government had to prepare the National Strategy on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for 2021-2027. The strategy included a plan of measures for implementing […]

Romania’s Changemaker Map 2022

Client: Ashoka Romania Year: 2022 Project objective: Five years after the first Changemakers Map, Ashoka Romania commissioned in 2022 a new research dedicated to local social entrepreneurship. The map stands as recognition towards all changemakers for their effort to achieve social impact and systemic changes for the good of all. Results: More than 700 social […]

Timișoara Smart City Strategy

Client: Timișoara City Hall Year: 2022 Project objective: Timișoara City Hall launched a public consultation for its Smart City Strategy and needed to communicate its main objectives and ambitions to the public and local stakeholders. The document was the result of multiple debates with local companies, NGOs, academia representatives and international experts. Results: We knew […]

The Morality Stoplight

Client: HBO Romania Year: 2020 Project objective: HBO Romania wanted to promote their new original series about corruption, Tuff Money in a fresh and engaging way. The communication campaign for the launch proposed by the creative team aimed to start a national conversation about corruption and our own morality. In order to do that, they […]

Calendarul fericirii 2021

2020 nu a fost cel mai ușor an. Nu a fost nici pe departe cel mai predictibil. Nici unul căruia i-am putea asocia tradiționalul “The best so far”. Dar la fel de adevărat este și că ne-a oferit un răgaz să ne evaluăm prioritățile și să reflectăm asupra lucrurilor care ne fac fericiți zi de […]

2021: A Year in Happiness

While we all strive for it, happiness is a hard thing to achieve. This was especially true for 2020 which according to the Hedonometer was the saddest year on record. Living these sad thoughts aside, how did general happiness look like across the years? To visualize that, we’ve compiled and normalized 12 years’ worth of […]

2020 Romanian Video Games Consumer Study

Client: iZi Data | Romanian Game Developers Association Year: 2020 – Project website Found this project inspiring? Working on a similar idea? Let’s get in touch and discuss it! Drop us a few lines!

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