Romania’s donors platform

Client: Code4Romania

Year: 2020

Project objective:

In 2020, Code for Romania created The Donors Platform with the purpose of ensuring the transparency of data about the funding of the non-governmental sector in Romania. It was for the first time when key-donors made public the data regarding their funding of the NGO sector in a single platform at the national level.


Created with the contribution of 15 of the lead civil society private donors from Romania, joined by 19 community foundations, the platform facilitates the exploration and graphic visualization of data about funding for NGOs in all areas of interest. The purpose of the report was not necessarily to present the data in detail but to spark curiosity and make other entities open their data and join the effort. We decided to present the whole funding ecosystem using botanic inspired illustrations shaped by data. We used seeds and blossoming data flower metaphors to describe the impact private funding had on different NGO activity sectors as well as on individual NGOs or projects. The result was a very powerful and well received first report which sparked a lot of debate about the way in which the civil society sector is being funded in Romania.

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