The Morality Stoplight

Client: HBO Romania

Year: 2020

Project objective:

HBO Romania wanted to promote their new original series about corruption, Tuff Money in a fresh and engaging way. The communication campaign for the launch proposed by the creative team aimed to start a national conversation about corruption and our own morality. In order to do that, they started by conducting a national survey to evaluate the attitudes and behaviors Romanians have towards corruption.


The Morality Stoplight website was the place for taking the morality test, see the results of the national survey or get info into the new HBO series. Our role was to analyze the survey results and turn them into visual data stories so that the audience can easily navigate the morality spectrum and profiles.   

The campaign generated much buzz and attention, amounting to over 17 mil impressions, 21k clicks & ~2.5 mil reach. 13,500 people answered the Morality Stoplight survey and ~3,000 shared their results in Social Media.

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