Data Visualization

Organizations today have more data than ever before. If we think 1.7MB of data is created every second by every person, imagine how much data a company gathers in one year. The problem is no longer collecting information but interpreting it, leveraging insights and communicating them in the right manner. Too often numbers, basic charts and boring endless datasheets just lay flat on the screen, static and lifeless, not able to keep the reader interested and focused. 

That’s where data visualization comes into action. Combining creativity with data analysis and great design, data visualization helps organizations identify important patterns, trends, and correlations otherwise invisible. By turning complex data sets and other pieces of information into graphs and other representations, we are developing cohesive visual narratives which makes the content easier to understand and transforms it into a relevant data-driven story. 

Simplify complex information
Predict trends
Strategic decision-making
Engaging stories

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Data visualisation

Plateful insights

“Plateful Insights” is a collection of six hand built ceramic plates, each a unique narrative about global nutrition. These plates are not mere dining accessories; they are a tactile exploration of data, a physical manifestation of statistics that often remain trapped behind the screens of our digital devices. Each plate represents one of the six regions of the world and is sized according to the difference between the average supply of kilocalories (kcal) of food per person per day and the minimum kcal requirement per person. Their final size reflects the surplus food available to people in each region, providing a visual and tangible commentary on the disparities and abundance in global food distribution. The donut charts break down the percentage of daily kcal intake derived from fats, animal and vegetable proteins, and carbohydrates. This tactile experience encourages a more intimate and reflective interaction with the data, fostering a deeper understanding of global nutrition issues.

Data visualisation

Romania’s donors platform

Client: Code4Romania Year: 2020 Project objective: In 2020, Code for Romania created The Donors Platform with the purpose of ensuring the transparency of data about

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