WebEye Telematics Annual report

Client: Webeye Romania Year: 2018 WebEye is the leading telematics service provider in Central and Eastern Europe. For the 2018 WebEye technology report we were commissioned to analyze and turn the clients’ survey data into an infographic report and a brochure showcasing its key findings. Project website Found this project inspiring? Working on a similar […]

The Re-Birth of the Company Town Book

Client: Corporate Landscapes Magazine Year: 2016 Clusters, technopoles, milieus of innovation, science parks, company towns, corporate campuses and all other silicon-“things” are based on one simple idea – the idea of agglomeration effects. The core belief behind this approach is that physical and social proximity of companies coupled with institutional influence – generates spillover effects […]

Food Ticketing Market Report

Client: APET, Romania Year: 2017 For APET Romania we designed a set of infographics describing the benefits of food ticketing services for consumers, companies and the state. Project website Found this project inspiring? Working on a similar idea? Let’s get in touch and discuss it! Drop us a few lines!

Profiling the teenage mothers of Romania

Client: Scena9, Romania Year: 2019 Romania has the highest percentage of births among women under 20 in the European Union: 9.9% of the total number of births, compared to the EU average of 2.8% in 2016. And it’s not just another negative statistic about Romania. Very young motherhood leads to child abandonment, school dropout and […]

Food Journal

Client: Studio Interrobang Year: 2020 For 9 days, together with four of our friends, we’ve collected 523 meals, snacks and drinks. We’ve created a shared album in which we’ve added photos and funny comments, confessed guilty pleasures and enthusiastically asked for recipes. With no clear plan of what we would analyze, we’ve started to mark […]

The COVID-19 pandemic in Romania – Tracking the first 123 cases

Client: Decât o Revistă, Romania Year: 2013 The graph analyzes the way in which the coronavirus pandemic developed in Romania and the patients who spread the virus the most. Also, in the same series of articles, we’ve made a comparative graph of the evolution of cases and the restrictions imposed, compared to the day the […]

Are Romanian movies profitable?

Client: Scena9, Romania Year: 2019 At first glance, it could be said that the Romanian cinema is doing very well. Every year there are films selected and awarded at the biggest festivals in the world, films that question the way we see reality and understand cinema, a gala that rewards the successes of the very […]

Who Runs Bucharest?

Client: Urboteca, Romania Year: 2013 Local public institutions and agencies are responsible for city management. Together, they make the city work: from the introduction of a new public transport line, to firefighters’ intervention in the event of a fire or the maintenance of public parks and public spaces. The diagram below, commissioned by the Association […]

“What it means when I dream of…” – Google Trends Research

Client: Scena9, Romania Year: 2019 For this project we were commissioned by the Romanian culture magazine, Scena9, to analyse Google Trends search preferences and in the process we stumbled upon the pile of questions people ask regarding the content of their dreams. We selected the most frequent fifty themes: snakes, money, death, birth, weddings, children, […]

TBI: Youth, Heritage and the City

Client: Idrija 2020, Slivenia Year: 2016 The “TBI: youth, city and heritage” project was the response of a team of 30 young professionals from 7 countries to the identified demographic, social, economic, cultural, communication, political and spatial challenges and potentials of the town of Idrija, the world’s former second largest mercury mine and now a […]