Timișoara Smart City Strategy

Client: Timișoara City Hall

Year: 2022

Project objective:

Timișoara City Hall launched a public consultation for its Smart City Strategy and needed to communicate its main objectives and ambitions to the public and local stakeholders. The document was the result of multiple debates with local companies, NGOs, academia representatives and international experts.


We knew from the start that Smart City and Digital Transformation Strategy Timișoara 2022-2027 is not only one strategic document but a five-year process that needs to create a frame for long term collaboration between different stakeholders, public authorities and citizens.  

It also needs to be monitored in order to show progress over the years. That’s why we designed a dynamic logo composed of 7 arrows representing the Ambitions presented in the strategy. Together they take the shape of a fortified city and highlight the idea of collaboration. Also, the arrows grow depending on the stage of compilation of each ambition.

Logo concept

Color palette and strategy ambitions

Dynamic logo based on implementation monitoring

Data Design System

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