Diagnosis of the situation of people with disabilities in Romania

Client: World Bank Group

Year: 2021

Project objective:

This report was a study of the extent to which the rights of persons with disabilities are respected in Romania.

The Romanian Government had to prepare the National Strategy on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for 2021-2027. The strategy included a plan of measures for implementing the CRPD within Romania to ensure that the rights of persons with disabilities are respected and that their living situations are improved. Having such a strategy was important not only for this reason but also because it was a mandatory condition for Romania to receive financing from the European Union funds for the period 2021-2027.

In order to develop an effective strategy, it was first necessary to understand the problems and needs of persons with disabilities. The goal of this report was to put together an accurate picture of these problems and needs as a foundation on which the strategy could be built.


Strategic documents are inherently complex. They reference hundreds of other documents and prioritize and describe a large number of objectives and projects by looking at thousands of data points as well as stakeholder input. That being said, they also must be easily understood by the large number of people that will work with them, not to mention all the people these decisions will impact. This posed an important challenge for us. How to make a document that promotes accessibility for people with disabilities more accessible, both to impaired people but also to everyone who would like to browse through the analysis and understand how the strategy was shaped by the diagnostics.

In order to do this we created a set of infographics for each of the chapters and subchapters of the report. We also worked with a documentary photographer who collected a set of individual pictures and stories, each representative for one of the themes of the chapters. Based on these photos as well as accessibility best practices we’ve selected a specific color palette for each section. The result was a more playful and engaging report which sets higher targets for accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities while also being very easy and accessible to read by anyone who is interested in its contents.

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