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2021: A Year in Happiness

While we all strive for it, happiness is a hard thing to achieve. This was especially true for 2020 which according to the Hedonometer was

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Bucharest Real Estate Analysis

Client: Studio Interrobang Year: 2018 Back in the spring of 2018, we decided to make a test and see how well will a data-backed news

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Greenpeace Illegal Logging Report 2017

Greenpeace Illegal Logging Report 2017 Client: Greenpeace Romania Year: 2018 Every year, approximately 8.8 million cubic meters of wood is illegally cut from Romanian forests.

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Are Romanian movies profitable?

Client: Scena9, Romania Year: 2019 At first glance, it could be said that the Romanian cinema is doing very well. Every year there are films

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Profiling the teenage mothers of Romania

Client: Scena9, Romania Year: 2019 Romania has the highest percentage of births among women under 20 in the European Union: 9.9% of the total number

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Food Journal

Client: Studio Interrobang Year: 2020 For 9 days, together with four of our friends, we’ve collected 523 meals, snacks and drinks. We’ve created a shared

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TBI: Youth, Heritage and the City

Client: Idrija 2020, Slivenia Year: 2016 The “TBI: youth, city and heritage” project was the response of a team of 30 young professionals from 7

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Urboteca – Urban Planning Explained

Client: Urboteca, Romania Year: 2014 Urboteca is a mobile pavilion designed to make information on urban development processes and strategies accessible for the inhabitants of

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