“On Housing” Exhibition – Timișoara Architecture Biennial

Client: Romanian Chamber of Architects, Romania

Year: 2018

Three-quarters of Romanian citizens live in apartment blocks – well above the European average; more than half of the architects are involved in residential projects, and most new buildings are collective housing units. All of this in a country where 96% of dwellings are privately owned and a large share of them are of poor quality. These conditions framed our collaboration with the Timișoara branch of the Romanian Chamber of Architects and the team behind the main exhibition of the Architecture Biennale of Timișoara 2018. For this occasion, we were commissioned to research and gather data regarding the characteristics of the Romanian housing stock as well as the development of the local real estate market since the 1950s. The result was a 1500 square meters exhibition that blends artistic and data-driven stories “about housing”.

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